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Viewing Pages

Uploading a Page is simple, but once your Page is uploaded, offers several different ways in which it can be used.

Public Viewing - the URL

When you upload a Page, the uploading program give you a "URL", or web address, where the Page can be viewed. Every Page on has a URL, and therefore can (in theory) be viewed by anyone connected to the internet. But in order to view the Page, they have to know its URL - they will not be able to find it by searching the web, because it is generated randomly, and there are no links to it from other Pages. If you do not tell anyone the URL of your Page, no-one will ever know it.

Why Have A URL / Public Viewing option?

If you simply want to make your Pages visible to students or colleagues, and you do not need to record the scores which students achieve when completing the exercises, then you do not need to create accounts for your students. You can simply upload a page, and send them the URL. Not everyone needs to record scores - some users simply need a hosting system for the work they produce in Hot Potatoes, so provide a URL for each Page you upload.

However, just because we create a URL for your Page and tell you what it is, does not mean that you have use it. If your Page is only intended to be viewed by those for whom you have created student accounts on, the URL is not useful, and you can simply forget it.

Password Protection

One further option offered at upload is to password-protect the Page. This only applies when the Page is viewed by URL, and it requires the user to enter a password before the Page is displayed. Each Class has a password associated with it, which you can change in the Classes area. If you choose the Password Protect option when uploading a Page into a particular class, anyone who tries to view the Page by URL will have to enter the correct Class password.

Note: whe viewed by URL, Hot Potatoes or TexToys exercises are not able to record results. If you need to store results, you must set up accounts for your students, and they must log in to the Student area before the complete the exercise, or their result will not be stored.

Viewing from the Account Management page

The Account Administration page displays a list of Pages in both the Pages and the Classes area. In either list, clicking on a Page title will display the Page, and above it, a link back to the Account Management area.

Note that if you view a Hot Potatoes exercise in this way, and you complete it, your score will NOT be recorded by The results system is for students, not for teachers!

Viewing from the Student Page

When one of your students logs in to using the account you created for them, they will also see a list of the Pages you have uploaded (but possibly not all of them - students can only see the Pages uploaded to Classes of which they are member). When they click on a Page title, they will see the Page displayed.

If the Page is an exercise, the exercise will start automatically. When the student completes it (or the time-limit you have set for the exercise expires) the student will be returned to their login page automatically when the exercise is complete.

If the Page is not an exercise, it will include a link which the student can click to return to their login page when they have finished.