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Web pages can include linked images, sound or video files, and other types of media file. Media files may by included in Hot Potatoes and TexToys exercises you upload to, or in web pages you upload using the Masher. In, these media files are called "Assets". When you upload a web page, any assets needed by that web page are uploaded along with it - this process is entirely automatic, so you do not have to deal with it yourself. For more about uploading Assets, see Uploading.

However, there are restrictions on the number and type of Assets you can upload, and on the total amount of space you are allowed for asset storage on the servers. To help you manage Asset files, the Account Management page includes an Assets option, which displays a list of the assets you have uploaded.

Asset File Name Used on Pages File Size  
21513 bytes Delete
Diversos Alimentos
Food Names and Pictures
991 bytes
Diversos Alimentos
Food Names and Pictures
1329 bytes
Diversos Alimentos
Food Names and Pictures
744 bytes
Food Names and Pictures
4792 bytes
Diversos Alimentos
Food Names and Pictures
1295 bytes
Food Names and Pictures
819 bytes
Maximum asset storage allowed: 100000 bytes Total used: 31483 bytes Delete Unused

File Types

When you upload an asset file, the uploading program tells what kind of file it is using the standard internet "content-type" system. For security and capacity reasons, not all content-types may be uploaded. At present, the following content-types are allowed to be uploaded as Asset files:


If you need to use a type of file which is not supported, you can contact and ask us to include the file-type you need.

Large Files

A single Asset file may not exceed 1Mb in size. is not designed to host large Asset files, but if you feel that you need to use larger Assets, please contact with your request.

Total Asset Space

At the bottom of your Asset list page, you can see the total amount space used by your Asset files, together with the amount of space you are allowed. This total is determined by the type of account you have. If you need to use more space than you have been allocated, please contact for details of options and pricing.

Deleting Assets

You cannot delete an Asset file if you have any Pages which use it. But if you have deleted all the pages which use a particular Asset, its entry in the Asset list will automatically include a Delete option, which allows you to delete it from the server. This frees up any space it was using for new uploads.

At the bottom of the Asset list, there is also an option to delete all unused Asset files from your account.

If an Asset in the list does not show a Delete option, but you want to delete it, you will first have to delete the Page(s) which use it. If you go to the Pages screen, the Pages list shows the Asset files used by each Page. Once you have deleted all the Pages which use an Asset file, you can delete the Asset file.