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Classes are used in for grouping students and learning materials. Your hosting account is automatically set up with a default class, called "Class 1", but you can use the Classes page to change the name of your default class, or to add more classes. To do this, click the Classes option on the Account Management page. Note: the number of classes you can create is limited by the type of hosting account you have.

The Classes List

When you choose the Classes option, you will see a list of your Classes. The listing for each Class shows which Pages are uploaded to that Class - you can click on any of these Page titles to display the Page. The Classes screen also shows a list of students who are members of each class, and a link which you can click on to send an email message to the entire class. (See Sending Messages to Students for more information.)

Class Name Pages (click to view) Students        
Clase de Estudiantes Españoles Basil Fotherington-Thomas
Huckleberry Finn
Nigel Molesworth
Tom J Sawyer
Send email Edit Delete Results
Class of English Students Basil Fotherington-Thomas
Becky Thatcher
Biddy O'Ryan
Gizel Cochrane
Harry East
Huckleberry Finn
Jo Bettany
Tom Brown
Tom J Sawyer
Send email Edit Delete Results
Classe d'Etudiants Français Harry East
Nigel Molesworth
Tom Brown
Send email Edit Delete Results
Create a new class

Each entry in the Classes list also has links for Edit, Delete and Results. You can use the Edit link to change the Class's name (how it appears on your and your students' screens) or its Viewing Password. See Viewing Pages for more information about password-protecting your pages.

Pages and Classes

Whenever you upload a page, whether it is a Hot Potatoes or TexToys exercise or some other type of Page which you are uploading using the Masher, you must select which of your Classes the page will be used in, and under what title it will appear on your (and your students') screens. The Classes area allows you to change this information for any of your Pages after you have uploaded them.

Once a Page has been uploaded to a particular Class, only students in that Class can see the Page. If you want the same page to appear in more than one class, you must upload it separately for each class, and give it a different title each time you upload it. See Uploading Pages for more details.

Students and Classes

Each student can be a member of any or all of your classes: when you create or edit a student account using the Students option, you can choose which class(es) the student is a member of. When the student logs in, they see only the pages and exercises which you have uploaded for the class(es) of which they are a member. See Students for more details.