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Account Settings

The Account Settings page allows you to controls some settings of your Account, including your email address.

It also shows you how many students, pages and classes you have created, along with how many of each you are allowed with your account setup:

Account Limits
Students: You have used 8 from your allowance of 100
Pages: You have used 7 from your allowance of 5
Classes: You have used 3 from your allowance of 3

You can increase any of these limits by upgrading your account - please contact Creative Technology for details.

Email address

This is your email address for all communications, including the login details for any student accounts which you create. It is also important that this address is correct, so that we can contact you with information about the service.

Display Name

This is the name by which you are referred to on your Students' pages. By default it is set to be the same as your login account name, but you can change it if you wish to. For example, if your login name is "John Smith", you may wish to set your Display Name to "Mr Smith".

Button Label - the "Give Up" button

When your students log in and view an exercise, the exercise displays a button at the top, which allows the student to end the exercise before it is fully completed. If the student clicks this button, the exercise records an "Unfinished" result - see the Results help page for more information about different result types.

By default, the button displays the text "Give Up", but you can change this text using the Button Label option. The Button Text can be in any language.

Time Offset

This option allows you to set the timezone in which your account, and those of your students, will operate. The pages use this setting when displaying upload and download times and dates.

The TIme Offset is set relative to GMT, so if you are located on the West Coast of North America, 8 hours behind GMT, you can set your Time Offset to "-8" in order to see time and date information correctly for your locality. Note that your time offset is automatically used for all your Student accounts, even if they are located in different timezones. Students cannot set their own timezone - as the Teacher, you set a single time offset for yourself and your students.