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What Is A Teacher Account?

Demo Account

If you register as a user of one of the supported authoring programs (Hot Potatoes, TexToys or Quandary), you can sign up to straight away, by using your authoring program to create a Demo Account. The demo account is designed to illustrate the benefits of using Hot Potatoes in conjunction with, and it has all the functions of a full account, but demo accounts expire automatically after a few days, and anything you upload to them will be deleted.

For more details of how to set up a demo account, please see the Demo Account entry on the FAQ page.

Subscribing for a Full Account

To use fully, you need to subscribe to a Hosting Account. Once you have a hosting account, you can create student accounts for your students, upload exercise and other materials to it using the supported authoring programs, and view and download your students' results using your Account Administration pages.

The cost of a hosting account varies according to the number of student accounts you need, and the amount of material you need to upload. For full details, or to sign up, please see the product information pages.